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FaithBridge Portland offers trauma-informed, facilitated opportunities for women to come together in a collective sisterhood and change the conversation about their past hurt and trauma. These intimate workshops and retreats allow participants a safe space to process and heal painful life experiences through a free flow of conversation with one another. Attendance is kept at a comfortable size, and personal information is held in confidence.

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“If you’ve ever taken a good look at a beautiful piece of handcrafted crystal or a crystal agate from the earth, its many facets capture your imagination and reflect light. Every cut and groove, whether made by the human hand of a craftsman or the unseen but very real hand of our creator, serves a purpose. Now, my dear sister, consider your life. Think about all the people, situations, and circumstances you’ve encountered on your journey. Think about their collective effect on who you are today. Now, let’s change the conversation–the one we have with ourselves. That one that starts off thinking about a past hurt or painful encounter, and ultimately leads to us being angry, bitter, distrustful, jealous, envious, etc. We can change that conversation today! We can’t change what happened in our past, but we can change how we view and walk in it today.”

Four women talking amongst themselves at a women's healing workshop


FaithBridge’s Healing Program, through its curriculum Live Again, gets at the root and allows women to heal and change the conversation they’ve been having with themselves. In a supportive sisterhood, we heal together. The FaithBridge Healing Program is open to Black and Brown women who want to heal from trauma and life transitions.


The program length is 3 months, takes place in person at our meeting space, and participating women earn $300 for completing the program.


View our FAQ below for further details.


How long is the program?

Each program takes 3 months to complete.


When and where do we meet?

Healing Program cohorts meet weekly on Wednesday evenings at the FaithBridge Portland Healing Center.


What is the age requirement?

We require participants of the Women’s Programs to be 18 years of age or older.


What is the cost of the program?

The program is completely free! Participants receive $300 for completing the program in full.


Is the program run by licensed therapists?

This program is a wonderful supplement to professional therapy services. Lisa Saunders and Tia Jones are both Certified Peer Support Specialists. We recommend finding a therapy provider to aid your journey in trauma recovery.

Woman reading aloud at a women's healing workshop

Our Spring/Summer 2023 Cohort is closed for registration. Please contact us using the form below if you want to join the next cohort.

FaithBridge executive director, Lisa, hugging a participant at a workshop
Two women smiling together and waving to the camera at a women's healing workshop
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“I can choose to be diminished by the things that happened to me, or flourish. I choose to flourish.”
- Lisa Saunders

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