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The BGBG Program is for girls aged 12-17 years old who may be having behavioral issues at school or home due to trauma from exposure to gun violence, gangs, or turbulent home life. This program assists girls struggling with low self-esteem, experimenting with risky behavior, suicidal ideation, or prior suicide attempts. The BGBG Program seeks to interrupt the cycle of trauma through an intensive 8 week healing and mentorship program. The program’s ultimate goals are to disrupt the pipeline that leads girls with trauma to involvement in gangs and gun violence, interrupt generational cycles of trauma and despair, and impart hope through exploring faith as an anchor during times of crisis. BGBG sessions are held at participating school sites and the FaithBridge Portland healing center.


Some of the topics covered in our sessions include:


  • Trauma does not define me

  • Who informs my identity?

  • Telling your truth

  • Managing big emotions

  • Being resilient

FaithBridge executive director, Lisa, posing and smiling with a Brown Girl Brave Girl program graduate.
Brown Girl Brave Girl program participant smiling at the camera.
Two program participants smiling at the camera during session at Brown Girl Brave Girl.
Three colorful heart shapes stacked inside each other

“We can’t change what happened in our past, but we can change how we view and walk in it today.”
- Lisa Saunders

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